Within the scope of the Department Seminars we organized in honor of the 250th anniversary of our university, we would like to thank our teacher the invaluable Prof. Dr. Ataç Soysal which he held topic of "52 Years in ITU, 62 Years in the Profession". We wish him a life full of health and happiness.

Head of ITU Industrial Engineering Department

Pof. Dr. Ataç SOYSAL graduated from ITU Mechanical Engineering Department in 1960 and started to work as an Assistant at the Chair of Machine Tools and Factory Organization in the same year. He worked in many administrative positions such as Department Head, Deputy Dean and Dean until his retirement in 2004 from the ITU Industrial Engineering Department, where he contributed to its establishment and development and made great efforts since the early 1960s. After retiring, he received an award from ITU, where he taught as a Visiting Lecturer until 2012, as a "lecturer who gave lectures continuously for 50 years".

Prof. Dr. Ataç Soysal has national and international research and publications on Operations Research, Production Management, Quality Control, Organization Planning and Applications of Computers in Industry. In addition, he took active roles in national and international organizations such as the President of the Turkish Operations Research Association, a Member of the Board of Directors of TÜBİTAK and TÜSSIDE, a Member of the International Chamber of Commerce, Electronic Commerce, Information Policies and Communications Commission.

After leaving ITU, he retired from Doğuş University for the second time in 2019, where he also contributed by serving as Vice Rector and Advisor to the Rector.

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