Today, the transformation which is considered as the fourth industrial revolution is realized by the combination of a large number of physical and digital technologies. Regardless of the triggering technological tools, the main purpose of industrial transformations is to increase the source efficiency and the overall efficiency in addition to enhancing the competitive power of the companies. This transformation, which we are living in, differs from the others in that it does not only provide change in basic business processes but also reveals intelligent and connected product concepts and presents revenue-generating, service-based new business models.

Today's industrial engineers are responsible for the key topics such as increasing productivity in businesses and efficient use of resources, as well as the critical issues such as the development of new products and business models that will generate revenue growth, digital transformation, R&D and innovation. As ITU Department of Industrial Engineering, we give our students the ability to use the most up-to-date information and technologies that can increase the success of the enterprises by giving the best education in these subjects.

As Istanbul Technical University Department of Industrial Engineering, we carry out numerous activities related to the realization of digital transformation in the industry and service companies of Turkey, the generation and dissemination of the knowledge and the cultivation of necessary human resources while performing a very important leadership in these areas. In our undergraduate and graduate programs, we are preparing our graduates to the new era with courses in business analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach, we provide an enriched educational environment for students to train themselves by taking different courses in the areas of control-automation, computing, business and economics. Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation form the backbone of our program. We have made it our main goal to raise graduates who can utilize the new technologies required by the business world in the best way and design and develop digital systems.

The graduates of our department, which has full accreditation to ABET, can pursue engineering or academic work around the world. We have graduates continuing their carriers in the leading companies which operate in the various sectors such as high-tech manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, telecom, energy, tourism, health, food and automotive. They are adding value to the firms in the fields of innovation and business development, strategic management, quality management, human resources, production planning and control, R&D, supply chain and logistics management, management consultancy, data analysis, artificial intelligence and information systems management.

Prof. Dr. Alp Üstündağ
Head of IE Department