My Years at İTÜ

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Fahri ÖZOK

Department of Industrial Engineering, Okan University
6 November 2023 Monday, 15:30
A34, Merkezi Derslik A Binası, Maslak

Ahmet Fahri Ozok completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (1964) at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. He worked for his PhD at Technical University of Darmstadt under the supervision of Professor Dr. Walter Rohmert and completed it in 1973 at Istanbul Technical University. He served as the President of Industrial Engineering Department and as the Dean of Management Faculty at Istanbul Technical University. He has been at University of Perugia (1971-1972 academic year), University of Paris in Math-Statistics Institute (1973-1974 academic year); Stanford University (1979-1980 academic year). He is currently on the academic staff of Okan University (since 2009). He is also the President of the Turkish Ergonomic Society. He is a Member of various academic commissions at different universities and he directs some industrial projects as Project Leader. He has several articles in different areas published in scientific journals. He is a Member of the Turkish Operations Research Society, German Ergonomics Association, Turkish Mathematicians Association and Turkish German Education and Solidarity Foundation. His research interests are ergonomics, human factors, work study, fuzzy logic, and mathematical modeling of man-machine systems.

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Ahmet Fahri Özok
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