Message from Head of the Department

Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering Department is one of the exceptional industrial engineering programs in Turkey which have United States of America ABET(Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) equivalence. Its main purpose is producing the knowledge and the ability which will gather the sources that consists of human, machine and capital in the most appropriate way,  engrafting it to its students and spreading it to the society accordingly to the organizations’ aims.  To achieve this goal, both the department organization and the curriculum are based on four scientific studies that are; Operations Research and Statistics, Manufacturing Systems, Information and Management Systems.

Industrial Engineering Department has three different programs for undergraduate degree. In addition to one partially and one completely English programs, there is also an international double degree industrial engineering program which is mutually conducted with SUNNY. As an interdisciplinary field, industrial engineering is based on three research areas consisting of operations research, industry and manufacturing systems. By this way, students can have the opportunity to specialize in the area that they are interested in, by taking the courses related to that area. In addition, there are five different laboratories that involve Ergonomics, Manufacturing Research, RFID, Usability and Simulation in which both students and lecturers can use in order to develop their knowledge about industrial applications by conducting research. The department has graduate programs for Industrial engineering and Engineering Management and a postgraduate program for Industrial Engineering.

Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering Department periodically renews its inner design accordingly to scientific and industrial developments in Turkey and in the world.  By its design and mechanism, it has a leading role and appears as a model for many other Industrial Engineering Department.


Prof. Dr. Selim Zaim
Head of IE Department